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Standard Use non-commercial warranty

The Cold Plunge Co Limited extends a warranty to the original purchaser, affirming the absence of material and production defects within the timeframes specified below.

Plunge Pool Structure 1-Year – Your The Cold Plunge Co Plunge product is covered by a warranty that guards against water loss due to defects in the plunge pool. This encompasses concerns like major blisters, cracks, or delamination of the plunge’s inner surface due to workmanship or material issues. This warranty stands for one year from the date of the original purchase.

Cooling Unit & Controls 1-Year Warranty – This covers vital components such as pumps, heaters, coolers, purification system (ozone & filter compartments excluding the replaceable particulate filter cartridge) and control systems. They are safeguarded against malfunction resulting from workmanship or material defects for one year from the initial purchase date.

Plumbing Components 1-Year Warranty – Plunge plumbing components are guaranteed against leaks due to workmanship or material defects for one year from the original purchase date.

It’s important to note that this Limited Warranty becomes void if The Cold Plunge Co. or its authorized representatives determine that the cold plunge has suffered damage or failure due to inappropriate or uncaring use or the use of non-genuine Plunge branded Parts & Accessories. This disclaimer encompasses items like filters, ozone systems, repair parts, and other accessories. Genuine The Cold Plunge Co. brand Parts & Accessories are engineered to uphold the highest standards of quality, durability, and performance. They are purposefully designed to seamlessly integrate with your plunge pool, ensuring optimal performance and function over a long period of time. 

What you need to do in the event of requiring our support

To initiate a warranty claim for a product, it’s necessary to get in touch with the retailer or distributor from whom the purchase was made. This should be accompanied by the original sales receipt as evidence of the purchase and a written description detailing the defect. If the product was directly purchased from the Plunge website, you can contact us via mail or through our online platform. While reaching out, please remember to include your order number and the date of purchase.

The Cold Plunge Co. Limited
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To access service for a defect covered by this Limited Warranty, it’s advisable to contact us as promptly as possible and employ all reasonable means to prevent further harm to the plunge pool. Upon verifying your purchase, a designated service representative will rectify the defect, adhering to the terms and conditions outlined in this Limited Warranty. No charges will be incurred for parts or labor necessary to rectify the defect; however, facilitating access for the repair is your responsibility as the owner.

There may be reasonable charges for travel mileage of the repair personnel. In the event that the unit needs to be transported to a repair facility and reinstalled, the expenses related to removal and reinstallation will be borne by you, the owner of the plunge pool. The Manufacturer or distributor retains the right, at its sole discretion, to either repair or replace any covered part. If a replacement unit is deemed appropriate, it will hold equal value to the original unit. In such a case, reasonable costs for removing the original unit, shipping the replacement from the factory, and delivering and installing the replacement will be your responsibility as the owner. The replacement unit will uphold the remaining duration of the original unit’s warranty.

What we will do in the unlikely event that you need our support

The Cold Plunge Co retains the right to, at its own judgment, offer complimentary repair or substitution of any malfunctioning product or component, assuming it has been appropriately installed, utilised, and maintained within the designated warranty timeframe. Should repair or replacement not be practically achievable, we reserve the right to opt for reimbursing the product’s purchase cost in return for the item’s return. Please bear in mind that replacement components might not perfectly match the originals, and their accessibility could be subject to alterations. These solutions constitute the sole alternatives at your disposal.

Limitations of our warranty to you

The Residential Limited Warranty becomes void if the unit is utilised in a commercial setting or if the Manufacturer or its designated representative determines that the unit has been altered, neglected, misused, or abused, or has suffered freight damage caused by a common carrier. Additionally, any attempted repairs by unauthorised personnel, failures due to accidents or uncontrollable causes, and deviations from the owner’s manual instructions, such as improper maintenance and use of non-genuine parts, render the warranty invalid. Coverage excludes post-manufacturing attachments, and costs related to component access for repair. Units used commercially have no coverage. Responsibility for non-Manufacturer repairs and work outside Australia and New Zealand resides with the owner.

Warranty & Disclaimers

Limitations on Implied Warranties and Disclaimers

This section outlines the limitations on implied warranties, replacing all other existing warranties, whether express or implied, in reality or by law. All warranty-related services must be carried out exclusively by the Manufacturer or its authorised representative, utilising approved components. No party, including agents, dealers, distributors, or service entities, is permitted to alter, adjust, or prolong the terms of this limited warranty in any way. Any statements or presentations that deviate from or surpass the parameters set forth in authorised literature or us specifications are not endorsed by the Manufacturer and fall beyond its responsibility.

Furthermore, the Manufacturer and its representatives absolve themselves from liability for incidental or consequential damages. This extends to injuries, losses, costs, or other forms of damage, whether direct or consequential, arising from defects covered by this limited warranty. Even in scenarios where the Manufacturer was alerted to the potential for damage, such as water damage or the cost of removing a faulty product, no liability shall be attributed to the Manufacturer beyond the original sum paid for the defective item. These disclaimers also apply equally to any services provided by the Manufacturer and its designated representatives.