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Welcome to The Cold Plunge Co. Recovery Lounge

Located in the heart of Auckland in Mt Albert, we are dedicated to making the benefits of cold water and contrast therapy accessible to all. Having personally experienced the transformative impact it has had on our lives, we are passionate about sharing this positive change with everyone in our community and embrace the invigorating power of cold water for a healthier, more energised, and resilient lifestyle. Welcome to a space where cold plunging isn’t just a practice but a way of life!

What we offer

Cold water exposure 

Contrast hydro therapy

Breathwork training

Venue hire for group sessions 

Guided classes 

Buy your own ice bath

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2-3 minutes in the plunge will...

Improve muscle recovery
Improve muscle recovery
Enhance immune system
Enhance immune system
Increase mental clarity
Increase mental clarity
Improve circulation
Improve circulation
who we are

Purpose at our core

Driven by our unwavering enthusiasm to make cold water therapy accessible to more athletes, and high-performance enthusiasts, we spent the last 12 months designing an affordable and effective range of commercial-ready, premium ice bath kits for your gym. The Cold Plunge Co. was born with a mission to help you integrate the ultimate recovery and wellbeing ritual to your life. 

Come join us for a Cold Plunge at our Studio in Mt Albert, Auckland.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

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Get ready for your Relax and Revive weekend.
Sauna x Cold Plunge 9am - 12pm.
Here's what you need to bring when you come.👆🏽
If you haven't grabbed a spot, dont forget to book NOW!!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

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Remember when you book in today, you can bring a mate for free! 

See you there! 

Book via the link in bio!
Did you know about this new FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH???

Many people think cold plunging is only for athletes or people who work out regularly. FALSE! 🚫

Cold plunging is for everyone, and women in particular can reap significant benefits from taking the plunge! I have personally incorporated it into my post-partum recovery routine, and it has made shedding that baby weight much easier when combined with regular workouts. Plus, I've noticed a remarkable improvement in the appearance of my stretch marks and cellulite. My skin has never felt better!

Cold plunging isn't just a quick fix for physical recovery; it's also a game-changer for overall wellness. Studies have shown that cold exposure can EVEN enhance your mood by increasing endorphin levels. It’s a simple yet effective beauty routine—just three minutes a day does wonders. I even dip my face in the ice bath for the last 10-20 seconds, and the results are incredible.

With my busy schedule, finding time for extensive beauty routines is a challenge. But with cold plunging, I get these AMAZING benefits in just a few minutes. Dont take my word for it. Give it a try and discover the transformative effects yourself!

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🎉 We’ve officially been open for a month! 🎉

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us along the way. To celebrate, for the next 24 hours, every booking for our wood-fired sauna x ice bath sessions can bring a friend for free! Because it's that much more fun together. 💙🔥❄️

Tag your sauna buddy and book your session now!

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We use this space as much as our members. We make sure we get that 11 minutes during the week in cold water. For us It is super necessary to maintain the hygiene in our water. So you might be thinking, how do they keep things clean?
Here's how:

- we test and treat the water every day to ensure balanced PH levels and cleanliness

- our Chillers come with an inbuilt Ozone filter that disinfect and keeps the water clean. These chillers run throughout the day, so it clean the water in between use. 

- we change the water in all the tubs up to twice a week(sometimes more if we have higher usage)

- everyone using the plunges is required to rinse off before getting in. We also advise not to use it if you have recently dyed your hair, got a spray tan, or an open wound. More info on the terms and conditions can be found on our website. 

We would love to know what other questions/suggestions you have for us. We would love to learn and grow with our members. 💗

Being a small business means we are doing all the roles of a business. So at night we become the cleaning squad. 😅

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Are you locked in for a session  yet?
Sauna x cold plunge is always a great time shared with your friends. Book via the website (link in bio)

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Relax in the sauna🔥, revive in the cold plunge🧊. 

Our Sauna x Cold Plunge Days are just the hangout you need! And now we are bringing it to you on FOUR days of the week! Yes! 

‼️SAVE YOUR SPOT today to enjoy for an hour of guided sauna and cold plunge.‼️

It has been Demian's (our founder's) dream to have a cold plunge and a woodfired sauna. He has been beaming with joy all week, knowing he is going to be there for all four sessions. We hope you are as happy as him to get what he refers to as his "Relax and Revive routine."

If you are keen to learn more about how the sauna and cold plunge can support your health and wellbeing, check out our blog posts (head to our website for a quick read). It is one of the best things you can do for your health this winter!

So here are the details:

**Saturday:** 9am - 12pm 
**Sunday:** 9am - 12pm 
**Tuesday:** 6pm - 8pm 
**Thursday:** 6pm - 8pm 

**Members:** First session FOC, concessions applied after. 
**Non-members:** $40 for an hour 

🚀 Head to Www.coldplunge.co.nz to SAVE YOUR SPOT.
DM if you have questions! 😊

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The sauna is becoming a weekly affair! 
We will have the Sauna x cold plunge this Saturday from 9am - 12pm.

Don't forget to book in! 

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Beat the winter blues and the flus with this wellness combo!

A dream come true to the wellness community. 
Book in via the website (link in bio) 

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